Some Independent Animated films.

Eyes of Karras pictureEyes of Karras
An animated 14 minute fable about a mighty lord, called Karras, who has everything he could possibly want: power, money, many servants and beautiful wives.
Everything goes wrong for him when he loses his sight. But he is shown the beauties in life by Sikra, a small boy, who reveals all with a twist of fate at the end of the story.
ORF (Austrian TV), winner of the Best Children's Film award at the 2000 Nashville Independent Film Festival.

Trees picture Shoe
A 1 minute 2D animated video comedy sketch from the "Furry Tales" series about an animated insect, in the shape of a 'shoe', who is attracted to a flower. The flower responds by shooing it away.

Shoe picture Trees
A 2 minute comedy sketch from the funny animations of the "Furry Tales" series about three dogs in a park.

worm picture Worm
A 2 minute animated comedy short from the "Furry Tales" funny cartoons series about two birds causing chaos amongst the traffic in a nearby street.

The Dump of Undigested Opinions pictureThe Dump of Undigested Opinions
A 5 minute surreal animated short about the negative results of forcing opinions down others' throats, a good example of twisted animation humour.

Eyes of Karras Eyes of Karras Eyes of Karras woman from The Dump of Undigested Opinions
Eyes of Karras Shoe Dump of Undigested Opinions Dump of Undigested Opinions Thirst Pockets commercial